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Performance Appraisal

UCM believes in the development of its most valuable resource–its employees. To assist all employees in their personal and professional development, UCM adopted a philosophy concerning appraisals and their importance to the institution and the employee.

"UCM is committed to accessing and rewarding employees' skills and efforts, developing a positive employment environment, and building employee and departmental potential, all of which are necessary for the accomplishment of the University's missions and goals. UCM has developed an effective annual performance appraisal process that helps supervisors and employees fulfill these commitments."

Conducting performance appraisals provides an opportunity to:

A formal performance appraisal ensures employees and supervisors effectively communicate about past and present job performance as well as establish future goals and expectations. When an appraisal is conducted in a professional manner with openness and frankness, the result can be extremely beneficial.

Employee Responsibilities
Supervisory Responsibilities
Performance Improvement Ideas