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Reporting Time Worked

State and federal laws require that UCM keep an accurate record of the hours worked by all nonexempt employees. "Hours worked" is defined as all of the time actually spent by an employee on the job to perform assigned duties.

All nonexempt employees, who do not punch a time clock, must submit a time sheet at the end of each pay period using Banner Self-Service. Hours should be entered daily to make sure that time is accurately reported on the time sheet.

Employees must electronically sign their time sheets to certify the accuracy of all time recorded. The supervisor will review and then sign the time sheet before submitting it to Payroll Services.

If you and/or your supervisor are maintaining two sets of records of the time worked of any nonexempt employee, contact the Office of Human Resources immediately.

Exempt employees do not submit a time sheet for hours worked, however they are required to submit leave time when they will be absent for full or half workdays through Banner Self-Service.