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Human Resources

Administration 101
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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Human Resource Procedure Manual

University of Central Missouri is an "at will" employer which means that UCM reserves the ability to terminate the employment of any Central Missouri employee as permitted under Missouri law. Employees, likewise, have the ability to terminate employment unless contractually bound.

This Human Resources Procedures Manual (formerly known as the Staff Handbook) is a compilation of Board of Governors Policies, University Procedures, and Human Resources Operating Procedures. It has been developed to help employees be aware of what can be expected from the university and what the university can expect of its employees. Information given here is not intended to create an employment contract, nor is it intended to constitute contractual obligations by the employee or the university. Special notations are made for those Policies and Procedures which are under current review or revision. Suggestions concerning this material can be submitted to the University Policy Officer.