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Online forms must be submitted electronically

Current Students:

Change of Address & Personal Information

Change of Status To F-1 Guide (if within the US) - For change of status please collect all of the documents listed on this guide and then schedule an appointment with an advisor by calling the front desk in Warrensburg at 660-543-4621, or Lees Summit at 816-347-1612


Exception To A Full Course Load

For Full time status (enrollment certificate) Please follow these steps in Mycentral:

Click student services tab, UCM Student records-Enrollment Verification, Continue to Clearinghouse, Obtain an enrollment certificate, then Print. If you receive an error when moving through these steps please contact the Registrars Office for assistance.

Program Extension Request

Replacement of Lost I-20

Drivers License/State ID Letter Request

Transfer Out Request

Concurrent Enrollment


Click Here for a link to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement website about Travel and Re-Entry for F1 visa holders

Travel I-20/DS-2019 Request Form

Travel Tips


OPT/STEM Extension Information:

12 Month Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application

12 Month OPT Quiz
: Please use this link to complete the required 12 month OPT quiz after you have completed the 12 Month OPT Application.
Here is the link:

12 Month OPT Mailing Instructions

New/Change of employer during Post-Completion 12 Month OPT

STEM OPT Extension Request

STEM OPT Mailing Instructions (Updated as of 12/20/16)

New/Change of Employer during OPT/ 24 Month STEM Extension

If you have a pending application with USCIS and you are moving to a new address during that time please click here to fill out the USCIS change of address form

I-983 Form and Training Plan (Link to

General Information for Section 1 of I-983

Bona Fide Employer-Employee Relationship

I-765 Form (Link to USCIS Form for requesting OPT/OPT Extension

G-1145 Form (Link to USCIS Form to submit in addition to I-765

Social Security Letter Request

Social Security Number Application

Social Security Application Instructions



Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Application

Priority deadline to apply will be 12/09/2016. We will continue to accept applications until the last date to register for classes. After the application is submitted, we will need to receive approval from the academic department along with a scanned offer letter to process the request.

Change of Employer during Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

International Student Workshop Information:

Click here to be taken to the Graduate and International Student Services YouTube page where you can view all of our workshop presentations.

International Student Workshop #1 Powerpoint - Covers How to maintain F-1 Visa Status, Address Updates, Drivers License/State ID Requests, Social Security Letters, Travel Authorizations, Adding Dependents, and Change of Status.

12 Month Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop #2 Powerpoint- Covers what OPT is, Eligibility requirements, How to apply, Travel outside the US, I-797 Receipt Notice, EAD Cards, Program End Date, Unemployment Limits, Job Reporting, End of 12 month OPT, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Workshop #3 Powerpoint- Covers what is CPT, Eligibility requirements, Valid interships, How to apply, Application timeline, Full-time enrollment, Ending/changing CPT employment, Travel on CPT, CPT/OPT differences, and Frequently Asked Questions.