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University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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Kodály Certification

Whether you plan to complete a Master of Arts degree with emphasis in Kodály Music Education, or just want to be a better music educator, the Kodály Summer Institute has the right path for you.

Option I: Master of Arts Degree
Leads to the Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in Kodály Music Education. To receive the degree, each participant must complete the course work set out for the degree in the Graduate Catalog.

This will consist of the three-summer sequence of Kod�ly and additional coursework (the other courses can also be taken in the summers, or in the evening during the academic year). Contact Dr. Isaac Bickmore for information about the coursework necessary to complete this degree program. ( or 660- 543-4160).

Option II: Kodály Certification without the Masters Degree
(workshop only; non-credit) is designed for those who have already completed their educational degrees, and want to take the coursework to be better prepared as Kodály music educators.

If you have a Masters Degree, or do not want to pursue a Masters degree at this time, you may take the coursework for credit without having it apply to your degree. Contact the KSI Coordinator for more information about this option.

To receive National Kodály Certification, each student must complete all levels of training, turn in a Collection of 150 Analyzed Folk Songs, teach and conduct a piece with the Choral ensemble, and complete a teaching video that shows his/her knowledge and implementation of the Kodály methodology that has been taught throughout the levels in this program.

The University of Central Missouri's Kodály Certification Program has received Endorsement from the National Level. This means that the program adheres to the highest standards in Kodály Music Education as outlined by the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE).

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