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Bachelor of Arts Degree

At its roots, the study of economics provides a foundation for understanding the motivation of individuals and firms as well as the forces that cause growth in living standards, recessions, and inflation. Whether your interests focus on personal issues, such as understanding the incentives that induce human behaviors, or examining issues of critical social importance, economics is a stimulating, broad-based field with wide-ranging employment opportunities.

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics provides students with a broad-based economics education and includes an emphasis on basic competency in a foreign language. The general nature of this program is ideal for students interested in ultimately pursuing a law degree. Further, the availability of a large number of electives in economics allows students to gain greater insight into fields such as money and capital markets, environmental economics, and alternative economic systems.

About the Faculty

Economics classes at UCM are taught by dynamic, experienced and nationally recognized faculty members who provide personalized attention for each student. These faculty members bring diverse training and work experiences to the classroom and are actively engaged in economic research. This research, which includes environmental aid, labor market analysis, valuation of sports teams and investigations of statistical methodologies, along with involvement in professional organizations, places the faculty at the forefront of their respective fields.

Student Involvement

Students pursuing an economics degree have access to a variety of campus organizations and events. The Department of Economics, Finance and Marketing sponsors the Economics Club which promotes social interaction between students and faculty.

In addition to on-campus activities, students are encouraged to complete an internship in economics in order to gain greater practical skills and insight during the completion of the undergraduate degree.

Special facilities

The department's offices are housed in the Dockery Building. Classrooms, however, are located in the state-of-the-art Ward Edwards Building, which includes a large computer lab, group computer rooms, group and individual study rooms, student organization offices, and common areas for students. Classrooms are equipped with up-to-date computer hardware and software.


Training in economics will give you practical skills and many career choices. An economics degree or background is ideal for students planning for careers in the following areas: research analysts for private corporations such as banks, financial service institutions, and insurance companies; consultants for management, data processing, and health care firms; and analysts for government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. Studies show that the average compensation for graduates holding an economic degree is higher than all other undergraduate fields except engineering.

UCM's Office of Career Services assists students in finding employment throughout the academic year. Recent graduates have landed a variety of positions in diverse settings including: Ph.D. programs and law schools, the Central Intelligence Agency, managerial consultants; financial brokers; and analysts for the state of Missouri.

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