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Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support

Mentoring, Advocacy
and Peer Support
• IDEAS Coordinator
• LGBTQIA Outreach
• Title IX Advocacy
• Tutoring

Academic Resource Coaches (ARCs)

ARCs are peer mentors who live in residence halls, apartments, or off-campus, and provide direct assistance and coaching to students with academic concerns. These individuals are students trained to provide ongoing support to their peers through one-on-one contact, group tutoring, and programs related to academic skill building. In partnership with the Community Adivsors, ARCs who live in the residence halls are involved in dorm life through bulletin boards and programs, as well as their scheduled available hours.

ARCs are available during certain hours in the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. These office hours vary by semester, and will be posted here and in the Learning Commons (3rd floor of the JCK Library) near the beginning of each semester.


Fall 2016 ARCs


North Ellis

Marena Coonrod

Katherine Scherry

Zak Davlin


East Ellis

Paige Sinclair

Natalia Hernandez


South Ellis

Kyla Robinson

Kelsey Lane-Hatfield








Megan Ebrecht UCC
Tyler Burkemper UCC
Raven Alade Fitzgerald
Lauren Newsome Fitzgerald
Arissa Calvert South Yeater
Kaylah Griffith South Yeater
Abigal Swinney South Yeater
Tierra Jones Hosey/Houts/Todd/S. Todd
Alina Kryshchendyuk Hosey/Houts/Todd/S. Todd
Jessica Garrett Hosey/Houts/Todd/S. Todd
Denise Elam Nickerson
Tia Henderson Nickerson
Sydney Montague Nattinger
Valicitie Nichols Nattinger
Calli Brewer Bradshaw
Noelle Brooks Bradshaw
Ashley Williams Commuter
Taylor Hughes Commuter
Diamond Martin Commuter
Nick Freeman Commuter


Applications for the Spring 2017 ARC positions may be found on the UCM Human Resources website beginning in mid-October 2016.

For more information, please contact the Office of Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support at 660-543-4156 and ask to speak with Kasey Wagner, the Student Outreach Graduate Assistant.