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Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support

Mentoring, Advocacy
and Peer Support
• IDEAS Coordinator
• LGBTQIA Outreach
• Title IX Advocacy
• Tutoring

Mentorship Program

Support, guidance, and information for a successful transition to college

The MAPS Mentorship Program pairs upper-class and graduate student mentors, as well as faculty and staff, with first-year students from populations that have been traditionally under-represented in higher education, primarily recipients of Cesar Chavez and MLK Freedom scholarships; and Kauffman Scholars. The program is aimed at providing the participants a supported and informed transition to college life and to provide guidance for them to become successful students and contributing members of the campus community.


The program assists students in:
    • Adjusting to college life
    • Learning the campus culture
    • Engaging in their academic and extracurricular endeavors

Our Mentors are upper-class or graduate students from the College Student Personnel Administration program at UCM, or a UCM faculty or staff person, who will meet one-on-one and serve as a role model, support system and resource agent. Each student will be assigned one Mentor who will provide guidance and direction toward campus resources including:
     • Financial aid
     • Scholarship opportunities
     • Academic advising
     • Academic enrichment programs
     • Athletic events
     • Campus activities
     • Student organizations
     • University housing
     • Employment opportunities on campus


Why should I HAVE a Mentor?


A Mentor can help you:
      • Transition from high school to UCM
      • Find and understand campus resources
      • Get involved on campus
      • Meet new people
      • Collect tips on how to be academically successful


What to expect:

  • The type of relationship that you and your Mentor will have is up to the two of you.
  • In your first meeting, you and your Mentor will talk about what you would like out of the Mentor/Mentee relationship.
  • Both of you will discuss your interests and the best way to stay in contact.
  • From here you will decide what works best for both of you.


Apply to HAVE a Mentor


Why BE a Mentor?

Mentors will be able to:
     • Assist new students in transition from high school to UCM
     • Be a trusted source of guidance and informed support
     • Gain knowledge about academic and co-curricular opportunities for students
     • Provide guidance on student success for a student’s time at UCM


Apply to BE a Mentor


For more information contact Tia Chesson, Mentorship Program Graduate Assistant at, or
Ed Wirthwein, MAPS Director, at 660-543-4156 or