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Meeting and Conference Services

Elliott Union 301
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4342


Event Policies

Tabling Events, Hall Tables, Fairs and Expos
Layout for these events depends on size, scale and resources needed. Events of these types should be open to all of campus. A diagram of possible table arrangements may be obtained from MACS in Elliott Student Union 301.

An event in the Union Atrium must meet three of the five following criteria...

A Fair or Expo is defined as two or more offices or organizations gathering to provide information; invluding passing out information.

A Hall Table is defined as one table in specific locations around campus for the purpose of one organization to promote a single event, pass out information for their organization or an event they have coming up, promote their organization as a whole, or solicitation. Only a boombox is allowed; no speakers. In order to have sound equipment outdoors, groups must get approval through Public Safety.

Selling goods and products may be conducted on campus in designated hall table locations if such is not in competition with products or services offered by the university.  Solicitation of funds from any individual or group should not hinder or compete with the fundraising efforts of the Office of University Development, the UCM Foundation or the Athletic Department.   Please fill out and submit a Bookstore Waiver Form if selling merchandise. The form must be submitted 1 week prior to your event, to allow time for your request to be reviewed and approved/denied.

Continuous Usage Policy
Due to increasing demand, there has been a limit set on continuous, unpaid use of Elliott Student Union rooms. Twice a year, a campus department or organization may use an Elliott Student Union room for up to two weeks. After two weeks, a charge will be assessed for additional continuous use of the space.

Reoccurring Space Usage
Student organizations are allowed up to three hours of room usage per week for reoccurring events, this includes Elliott Student Union rooms, gyms, auditorium, etc. If an organization needs to use rooms longer, they will have to pay for the use of the space. Reoccurring events are not allowed to be booked in the Elliott Student Union ballrooms 236, 238, 240 and the Charno Room.

Practices for Performance Events
Practices for performances, such as dances, pageants, and plays must end by 10 p.m. Student organizations are allowed to practice only three hours per week until two months before their event date. Two months prior, groups will be allowed to practice more than three hours per week, space permitting. Ballrooms, auditoriums and similar venues will not be available for all practices. Student organizations will be allowed to practice at least two times during the two-month period in their event venue, space permitting.

Formal Event Agreements
Formal event agreements are highly detailed confirmation notices. They are generated for large or complex events that involve charges. You will receive an event agreement approximately four weeks before the event. This will include a list of all space that has been reserved for your event, a detailed listing of equipment and setup needs and a breakdown of any applicable charges.

Please, be aware that we can only generate an event agreement after the client provides the necessary details. Incomplete information may result in substantial delays in receiving a confirmation or event agreement. It can take a considerable amount of time to make all of the necessary agreements for large events. Please, contact us as early as possible when scheduling a large event.

No-Show Policy
Student organizations and University Departments are responsible for cancelling their event at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will be considered a no-show. The first no-show will result in a written warning. The second no-show will result in a written warning to the person who booked the space, as well as the adviser. After a third violation, the organization will lose event privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Dance Floor Usage
The dance floor adds excitement to any event. It can be rented for an additional charge for all events. Please do not use canes or other dancing props that could damage the stage or dance floor. The dance floor can be requested through the Elliott Student Union and MACS.

Decorating Policies
We want you to have fun decorating your event and make it appealing, but please be aware of the following requests:

Elliott Union Operating Hours
The Elliott Student Union is open until midnight. If you would like to hold an event past midnight, you must make arrangements with your event coordinator and a fee may be added to your event costs. However, reoccurring events must end by 11 p.m.

Choral Shells
There are ten choral shells available on campus. They are all located on the second floor of Grinstead behind Hendricks Hall. The choral shells are not to be moved to other locations on campus due to the potential for damage.

Rain Site Policy
If an event is taking place outdoors, a rain site or date should be secured at the time of the reservation. If a rain site or rain date has not been arranged, it is at the discretion of MACS to cancel the event to prevent university property damage.

Event Discounts Offered
There are two discounts currently offered on meeting space for non-university events. All events reserving meeting space in the Elliott Student Union in July will receive 33 percent off the price of room rental on select rooms. Meetings or events lasting six or more days will also receive a 33-percent discount off room rental prices.

Inflatable Game Usage
It is preferred that inflatable games are used in outdoor locations when possible; however, if this is not possible, the Elliott Student Union Ballrooms and Atrium will be considered for the use of a single inflatable game. In order to rent Inflatable Games, please contact Jim Howard.

Insurance and Liability
As a state institution, UCM does not provide insurance coverage for individuals or groups participating in activities on campus. MACS will determine whether a particular event will require insurance. Insurance coverage will be discussed during the planning process and will be based on the assessment of the event.

As a state institution UCM is not responsible for accidents, injuries or losses or any kind suffered on our premises, even if negligent. Clients assume all risks and will defend and indemnify UCM against any and all claims related to this use of UCM's facility.

Off campus clients and university events with a charge to the participants must make a non-refundable deposit of 50 percent of the estimated event cost. This deposit must be made at least 60 days prior to the event or at the time of the reservation.

Tax Exempt
A tax-exempt letter is required two weeks prior to the event for any off-campus client claiming this status.

Visitors may park for free in the visitor parking lots located near main campus. These lots are to be used by daily visitors and overnight parking is not permitted. UCM lot 12 is located on the south side of main campus near the Elliott Student Union. UCM lot 34 is located on the north side of main campus near the Administration Building. In the event all visitor spaces are being used, visitors may purchase a one-day parking permit to park in the student or M parking areas. These permits may be purchased from the attendants at the visitor lot or the Parking Services office. For overnight conferences, please contact MACS in Elliott Student Union 301. For a map of campus parking lots, click here.


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