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A list of courses required for the Piano Pedagogy Emphasis is listed below. Students interested in this degree program should also consult the following:

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Bachelor of Music Major
Piano Pedagogy Emphasis
Semester Hours
MAJOR REQUIREMENTS:..................... 85.5

Mus 1000     Recital Attendance (8 semesters)                      
Mus 4060     Senior Recital                                                   
Mus 1111     Theory I                                                           
Mus 1112     Theory II                                                           
Mus 1121     Aural Training I                                                 
Mus 1122     Aural Training II                                                 
Mus 2111     Theory III                                                          
Mus 2112     Theory IV                                                         
Mus 2121     Aural Training III                                    
Mus 2122     Aural Training IV                                               
Mus 4125     Form & Analysis                                               
Mus 3211     Music History to 1800                                       
Mus 3212     Music History 1800 - Present                             
Mus 2400     Fundamentals of Conducting                            
Mus 2515     Piano Accompanying                                       
Mus 1095     Keyboard Ensemble OR
Mus 3095     Piano Accompanying Practicum                        
Mus 4101     Counterpoint I                                                  
Mus 2222     Introduction to Music Literature II                       
Mus 4201     Piano Literature through Beethoven                  
Mus 4202     Piano Literature Romantic Era - Present             
Mus 4511     Piano Pedagogy I                                            
Mus 4512     Piano Pedagogy II                                            
Mus 4513     Piano Pedagogy III                                           
Mus 4514     Piano Pedagogy IV                                                   
Mus 4515     Practice Teaching in Piano                                       
2 semesters of 1.5 hours each.
Psy 2220          Child Psychology                                             
Major instrument:  Piano I, Mus 1510                                         
Major instrument:  Piano II, Music 3510                                     
Major large instrumental or vocal ensemble                                
Minimum total of 4 hours in major large instrumental or vocal ensemble:  choices are Mus 1005 (Marching band), Mus 1010 (Collegiate Band), Mus 3000 (University Concert Band),. Mus 3025 (University Symphony Orchestra), Mus 1055 (Collegiate Choir) and Mus 3050 (University Concert Choir).
Keyboard competency is demonstrated through successful completion of the sophomore examination.
GENERAL EDUCATION  REQUIREMENTS - 48 s.h. (In the major Mus 3211 and
Mus 3212 are allowed to fulfill 3 s.h. of Div. II C).......................................... 45
For piano pedagogy emphasis, Psy 1000 Div. II B is required.
Mus 1225 Div. II D (required)                             
IGen 4234 Div. IV A (required)                          
MINIMUM TOTAL............................. 128.5*
*Does not include Mus 1100, Fundamentals of Music (3 sh) or AE 1400, Student Development Seminar (1 sh).


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