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Attention Real Estate Professionals: Register for Retrofit Broker Training Program - offered by NERI and EnergyWorks KC Grant

Residential Energy Consortium Convene

Residential Energy Consortium July 29 2011

Bill Clinton Visits UCM (video)

National Energy Retrofit Institute

phone: 660-543-4672
fax: 660-543-8333


One of our main objectives is to establish local market consortium ‘chapters’ in all markets interested in incubating a retrofit industry sector within their local economy. Chapters work at the local and regional level to promote our energy retrofit model for the residential energy efficiency sector that creates “green” jobs and stronger local economies. NERI provides the support and structure needed for Chapters to actualize scalability and sustainability in their communities.

If you would like to be among the first to get involved in local chapter opportunities for your community, please take a moment to share your contact information.

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