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Residential Energy Consortium Convene

Residential Energy Consortium July 29 2011

Bill Clinton Visits UCM (video)

National Energy Retrofit Institute

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About Retrofit Industry

What are residential energy efficiency retrofits?
Residential energy efficiency retrofits are energy-related home improvements (retrofits), performed to correct inefficiencies identified by a residential energy auditor. These inefficiencies affect the comfort, health, and money savings of the home owner.

Retrofits have three main focuses:

  • Energy efficiency: maximize the economic benefits of running efficient appliances, lighting and other items that consume power in your home.
  • Energy conservation: reduce the use of non-renewable resources, and suggests increasing insulation to reduce excess energy consumption through retrofits.
  • Renewable energy: harness energy from inexhaustible resources such as solar, wind, geothermal with the goal of reducing fossil fuel dependency.

Best practices treat the residence as a single energy-consuming system and may include whole-house measures (e.g. the replacement of old heating, cooling, and water-heating devices with higher-efficiency models).

Why retrofit your home?

What is the economic potential of the retrofit sector?

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