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Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy student testimonial
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Two university of Central Missouri students receive $5,000 scholarships in the Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology
Physical Educatoin

Student Testimonials | Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology | University of Central Missouri


Physical education testimonial for UCM experience, biomachanice professor

"My time as a physical education student at UCM was one of the most challenging and stimulating times of my life. The physical education program at UCM challenged the way I viewed physical education and allowed me to develop a deep appreciation for physical educators. For that, I will be forever indebted to my alma mater."

Chris Rhea, Physical Education, K-12, class of 2002
Biomechanics professor, University of North Carolina - Greensboro, N.C.

Testimonial about UCM's dietetics undergraduate degree program

"The education I received at UCM was superior to other students that I met later at University of Kansas Medical Center; those students attended other well known programs including the University of Missouri and Kansas State University. I was further along in my education and knowledge of clinical dietetics than most of my classmates."

Emily Mertensmeyer, class of 2004
Registered Dietitian

Charles testimonial about masters of kinesiology in exercise science at the University of Central Missouri

"As a young professor, I had a head start concerning the teaching experience; many of my colleagues didn't have a full teaching experience like I did. My classes at UCM gave me the challenge to critically examine research, which deepened my understanding of the scientific process. Now, as a scientist, I fully appreciate the development of a research project and the examination of others' research publications."

Charles Robison, M.S. Kinesiology Exercise Science, class of 2006
Professor at George Mason University - Fairfax, Va.

Shawn Jones testimonial about the sport management master's degree program at UCM

"Pursuing a specialized master's degree in Athletic and Sport Business Administration has allowed me to expand my career goals. With this degree and what I learned, I have all the tools necessary to be an athletic director. Without my advanced degree, I would not have this opportunity."

Shawn Jones, M.S. in Kinesiology Sport Management, class of 2011
Henderson State University Athletic Director

Nick's testimonial about UCM's PE program, pedagogy and physical education

"My experiences as a UCM student prepared me for my career by getting me into the field and out of the classroom. I was treated as a professional and had the expectations of a professional."

Nick Wagenknecht, class of 2010
Middle School PE Teacher - Warrensburg, Mo.