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Health Studies undergraduate program | University of Central Missouri

Health Studies

If you have a passion for health care, but are not interested in clinicals or careers at the nursing or physician level, you have the option to launch your career in health studies. An increased public awareness about personal and social impact of health-related issues has influenced an increase in health studies positions.

A health studies professional can expect to work in settings such as: wellness centers, hospitals, university-based health services, one-on-one client interactions, group and family interactions, community health education, holistic health, hospital or health care administration, and much more.

Dedicated to the improvement of all health and wellness, health studies majors may expect practice in various settings. Health studies majors can expect to work in programs at county, state or federal levels.

Two areas of emphasis are available:

1. Pre-Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
Pre-physical/occupational therapy students will be prepared to meet prerequisites for professional schooling in physical therapy or occupational therapy.
View the four-year plan.
View the 2017-2018 academic advising sheet for Pre-Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy.

2. Community Health
This area will prepare professionals who specialize in the prevention of disease and promote appropriate wellness lifestyles to foster community health.
View the four-year plan.
View the 2017-2018 academic advising sheet for Community Health.

Program scholarships are available.

  • John Hess Health Professions Scholarship