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Wireless FAQ

Q. I am confused by WPA, WEP, and 802.1x. Which one do I use?

A. If someone has a WPA compatible device, they should not choose 802.1x/WEP. These are the same thing. It is possible for someone with an old WiFi access card (approximately 5 years or older) to find it is not compatible with WPA. Anything bought in the past 3 or 4 years should be WPA compatible and is the preferred choice.

Q. Will I see a prompt the first time my computer encounters the WPA signal?

A. No. Unfortunately you will not be provided any prompts or "balloon" notices to let you know that WPA is available.

Q. I use a Mac. How can I configure to WPA?

A. All University owned Mac units will require a manual configuration to the new WPA. You may contact your unit technicians to schedule time to have your system reconfigured. For departments that do not have unit technicians, instructions are available here, or you may contact the Technology Support Center to schedule a technician or for assistance. For personally owned Mac wireless units, instructions are also available at the above address. You may also contact the TSC at 543-4357 for assistance.

Q. Do I need to configure my computer to WPA?

A. All university owned devices can be configured automatically if you remember to bring your unit in and connect it to the university network. OT recommends connecting your unit in to a wired port with the power on (and logged off). If you have not connected your unit to the university network in over 2 weeks, we recommend that the unit be connected to the network for minimum of 6 hours to ensure it receives the proper configuration and required updates. If you regularly connect your unit to the university network, the changes will take approximately 30-45 minutes. As with any Operating System change, the Office of Technology recommends restarting the unit prior to its use.

All personally owned devices will require a manual reconfiguration in order to use the new WPA. Instructions for configuring personally owned devices are available here.

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