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Office of Technology


UCM Acceptable Use Guidelines

Computer facilities at the University of Central Missouri are provided for academic, non-commercial use by students, faculty and staff. These facilities include servers, desktop computers, computer laboratories, local area networks, and the use of these facilities to connect to other sites via the Internet.

Rules for general conduct outlined in student, staff and faculty handbooks apply to use of computer facilities. As well, any use of Central's computer facilities for activities that are illegal or commercial is expressly forbidden.

In order to protect the interests of the University and the University community, it is necessary that all members of the University adhere to the following guidelines:

a) Use of the University's electronic information systems, be they Internet, web sites, individual computer workstations, e-mail communications, telephone wire systems, or networks, is a privilege and not a right.

b) Abuse of the University's electronic information system or violation of any state, federal, or local telecommunications law or regulation or University policy may cause suspension of University privileges, and may subject the individual to criminal, civil, and institutional penalties, up to and including termination from employment.

c) Any use of the University's electronic information system, which violates the provisions of the Student Handbook, will subject student violators to disciplinary sanctions, which may include suspension from the University and criminal prosecution.

d) It is a violation of University policy to access the university's electronic information system when the purpose of such access is to convey misinformation, defamatory material, or intimidating, threatening, pornographic, discriminatory, or disruptive messages.

e) UCM issues to each user of computer and network resources a set of identifiers (IDs and password/PINs) for the purpose of carrying out the activity of that user.  These identifiers are to be used for conducting assigned/approved educational and business activities .  After receiving these identifiers, it is the responsibility of each user to protect them from unauthorized use.

f) The University will cooperate with all branches of law enforcement in investigations of a criminal nature, and, if it is determined necessary, will access and may make available to law enforcement transmission and other electronic messages and files in the University's domain for such investigations.

Latest Revision:  April 3, 2009 (Editorial)