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Health Programs

Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Health & Safety conducts or coordinates outside contractors in conducting indoor air quality evaluations in university facilities. Based upon these studies recommendations are made to correct any health threats.

Infection Control

Control of infectious diseases occurs through the efforts of several campus agencies. Medical care, especially for students, is provided by the Health Center. Physical Plant custodians and others disinfect locker rooms, athletic facilities, and other sites where skin-borne bacteria could pose serious health threats. EH&S provides training to personnel on protection against bloodborne pathogens and other health threats. In addition, reports of infectious disease exposures are investigated and programs on campus are monitored.

Swimming Pool Sanitation

EH&S monitors water quality programs and periodically inspects swimming pools and spas on campus for compliance with Missouri Division of Health standards.

Food Service Sanitation

Primary responsibility for safety of food service on campus rests with Sodexo, the operator of the University Union and residence hall food services. EH&S performs periodic inspections of food service operations to ensure compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service Food and Drug Administration 1999 Food Code and the Missouri Department of Health Regulations found at 19CSR20-1.


EH&S audits work environments and provides recommendations and training to prevent or relieve symptoms of repetitive motion trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Employees suffering from wrist, arm, neck or back pain from computer data entry or other similar tasks can request assistance from EH&S by contacting Public Safety at 543-4137.

Hazardous Materials