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Access Control

University keys must be requested via email with the updated Online Request/Status. Please remember to provide all of the requested information or your application may take longer to process.  Log in to the secure request form using your network ID and password. The system will only accept requests from faculty or staff.  Students must seek assistance from their supervisors in order to request keys. 

All key requests are sent automatically to the designated building manager for approval . The building manager will send the completed request to Access Control.

Please do not call Access Control to ask if your key is ready. This only slows down the process. You may view the status of your request by accessing the request/status link.   If it has been longer than two weeks since the request was submitted, please email access control with your concerns.

Per University Policy, keys will only be held for 10 days before being returned to stock and a new key request will need to be generated for that individual to receive the keys.