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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


2013-2014 Professional Staff Council Committees & Appointments

The Professional Staff Council accomplishes some of its purposes through the use of standing and ad hoc committees, in addition to appointing professional staff to other university groups as needed. PSC committee chairs, council representatives on university committees and task forces, advisory board/council appointees, and professional staff liaisons are listed below:

Executive Committee

President - Paula Brant
Vice President / President Elect - Bill Runyan
Secretary - Shelly Gonzalez
Treasurer - Susan Brockhaus
Past President - Beth Rutt

Member Services

Chair: Teresa Williams
Co-Chair: Christopher Beggs


Chair: Shelly Gonzalez

Human Resources

Chair: Carol Knight


Chair: PSC Vice-President, Bill Runyan

Community Service

Chair: Carla Underwood

Professional Staff Council Liaisons

Administrative - Jerry Hughes
Human Resources - Rick Dixon
Faculty Senate - Cheryl Riley
Legal Counsel - Shelly Gonzalez
Support Staff Council - Annette Charles

University Committee Appointments

Employee of the Quarter: Jeff Murphy
International Affairs Advisory Group: Joy Mistele
Library Advisory: open
Policy Review Committee: Lisa Schmidt
Liaison to Support Staff Council: Beth Rutt
Traffic & Parking: Jennifer Pint
Legal: Shelly Gonzalez
Faculty Senate: Ed Wirthwein