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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council

John Paul Mees Award for Outstanding Professional Staff

John Paul MeesTo recognize excellence among University of Central Missouri’s many exceptional professional staff members, the Professional Staff Council created the John Paul Mees Award for Outstanding Professional Staff.  Each year, this award is bestowed upon a current professional staff member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to University of Central Missouri, their community, professional activities, and service to students. This award was named for Dr. John Paul Mees who embodied the above four criteria.  Dr. Mees, who was affectionately known as J.P., began his employment at University of Central Missouri in 1988 as Executive Assistant to the President and Professor of Education. In 1994, he became Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs after serving in this position on an interim basis for a year. He was named to his final post, Vice President of Planning and Policy/Executive Assistant to the President, in 1998.  Dr. Mees, passed away suddenly while serving in this role. To quote President Bobby Patton: “J.P. was an extremely dedicated and motivated employee of the University. He was always a good listener and attentive to others. He was a person who truly liked people and let that be known. Everyone felt valued and appreciated when working with J.P. He was a man with extremely high values and someone you could always trust. J.P. was active in the community both on and off campus. He always had a warm smile and a friendly handshake for everyone he met. He valued his family and was truly a caring person. In summary, J.P. was the sort of person that everyone enjoyed being with, who could make even difficult situations more bearable and affirmed the highest human values.”  

Former Recipients

2003 Walt Hicklin

2004 Mary Alice Lyon

2005 Mike Jeffries

2006 Jim Piatt

2007 Dale Carder

2008 Carole Nimmer

2009 Beth Rutt

2010 Brenda Moeder

2011 Karen Hibdon

2012 John Culp

2013 (no award presented)

2014 Joy Stevenson

2015 Jeff Murphy

2016 Paul Polychronis

2017 Barbara Mayfield

Watch the John Paul Mees video. (To view the video, you may need to download RealPlayer.)


J.P. Mees Award Nomination Process
(revised 2013)

To nominate a current member of University of Central Missouri’s professional staff for the John Paul Mees Award for Outstanding Professional Staff, please follow the instructions below.

  1. To nominate an individual please complete the form found here.
  2. This award is presented at the annual spring Professional Staff Appreciation Breakfast event, generally held in April. Nominations will be accepted at any time through the year. Nominations accepted after February 1st will be considered for the following year.
  3. ANY member of the University of Central Missouri community (faculty, staff, emeriti, or students) may submit nominations.
  4. Nominees will be asked to provide three contact reference names to Jenne Vanderbout, Smiser Alumni Center within two weeks of receiving their nomination contact letter.
  5. Nominees will be asked to provide a resume and a letter detailing how they have demonstrated outstanding commitment in the following four areas: the University, service to students, professional activities, and their community. We ask that the supporting letter be kept to 700 words or less.
  6. All supporting documentation, requested from the nominee, must be received by Jenne Vanderbout, Smiser Alumni Center, by 5:00 pm March 1st of the year the nomination was made.