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Earn your Psychology degree at UCM - Lee's Summit

Designed for busy, career-driven students, UCM offers a B.A. in Psychology completion program at UCM - Lee's Summit.

Testimonial about the B.S. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I chose Psychology at UCM because of the real-life aspect of the program and the technology in it."
- Madeline Cramer, B.A. in Psychology alumna

Testimonial about the B.S. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I've been able to experience on-the-job training while assisting Dr. Lundervold in the Behavioral Medicine Lab."
- Amy Garcia, B.S. in Psychology graduate and current Psychology graduate student

Testimonial about the B.A. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I've been able to apply what I've learned in my classes to the real world and many of my other classes."
- Sara Thomas, B.A. in Psychology graduate and current Criminal Justice graduate student

Testimonial about the B.A. in Psychology degree at UCM

"The psychology professors at UCM were more than willing to be mentors. They genuinely cared about my goals and success."
- Brittany Echols, B.A. in Psychology alumna

UCM Psychology Alumni

If you are a graduate of the UCM (formerly CMSU) Department of Psychological Science, please take the time to respond to our alumni survey. Please respond to the survey just once. If you are a graduate of both the undergraduate and graduate programs, we would appreciate your responses on each of the two surveys.

Former Undergraduate Student Survey

Former Graduate Student Survey

Some notable accomplishments of UCM Psychology Alumni:


Dr. Vicki Gier

Dr. Vicki S. Gier received both her B.S. at the University of Central Missouri (1995), and her M.S. in Experimental Psychology (1997). She then took one year of counseling psychology classes while teaching as an adjunct instructor at UCM. Dr. Gier was accepted into the Experimental Psychology program at the University of Nevada/Reno in 1998, working with Robert Solso, a renowned cognitive psychologist. She is now an Associate Professor of Psychology at Mississippi State University-Meridian. Dr. Gier has taught over 22 different psychology courses.She has an undergraduate research lab consisting of 10 students with whom she includes them as coauthors on publications and conference presentations. Dr. Gier’s research interests include face recognition of AMBER alert children, metacognition in relation to reading comprehension, inappropriate highlighting, as well as prospective person memory research.


Dr. Tori Culbertson

Dr. Satoris (Tori) Culbertson earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Public Relations from the University of Central Missouri, her master's degree in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology from Missouri State University, and her Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from Texas A&M University. She is currently in the management department of the College of Business Administration at K-State, where she teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in organizational behavior and human resource management. Her main research interests include the employment interview, work-family issues, and performance appraisal/feedback, areas in which she has authored and coauthored numerous journal articles and chapters in edited volumes.


Dr. Christopher Vowels

Dr. Christopher Vowels majored in Psychology and Biology at UCM, graduating in 2001, then earned his Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology at Kansas State University. Dr. Vowels served as a Consortium Research Fellow at the U.S. Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences(ARI) at the Fort Leavenworth Research Unit assisting in research on leader development and improving course instruction.He is currently a Senior Research Psychologist with the ARI Fort Hood Research Unit located at Fort Hood, Texas. Dr. Vowels is leading research involving better understanding and improving visual threat detection, factors influencing escalation of force decisions, and the employment and integration of female engagement teams with deploying forces.

George Lombardi

George Lombardi received BS (1970) and MS (1974) degrees in psychology from UCM. He is the Director of the Missouri Department of Corrections, having been appointed by Governor Nixon in 2008. Prior to his current position, he served as Director of Adult Institutions for 18 years, Assistant Director of the Division for three years, and a Prison Warden for seven years. As Director of Corrections , he is responsible for 20 adult correctional facilities, seven community supervision centers, two community release centers, and 54 parole offices in Missouri. He supervises 11,500 staff, 75,000 probation and parolees, and 30,000 inmates.

Dr. Jeff BrownUCM Psychology alumnus Dr. Jeff Brown, currently serving as a clinical instructor for the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and sports psychologist for the Boston, Chicago, and Houston marathons, received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Central Missouri at the December 2010 Commencement Exercises. Dr. Brown has published the books The Competitive Edge: How to Win Every Time You Compete; and The Winner's Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success.

Dr. Summer OttDr. Summer Ott received BS (1999)and MS (2001) degrees from UCM and a PsyD from Forrest Institute (2005). Her pre-doctoral internship (2004-2005) was completed at Pittsburgh VA Medical Center and from 2005 to 2007 she was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Sports Medicine Center under the supervision of Dr. Mark Lovell. She is currently a Clinical assistant professor of Neurology at the University of Texas Medical Branch and co-director of the Methodist Neurological Institute Concussion Center. She is also the Concussion Specialist for the Houston Texans of the NFL. Dr. Ott is the author of numerous journal articles, chapters, and major convention presentations.