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Registrar & Student Records

Ward Edwards 1000
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4900
Fax: 660.543.8400


Enrollment Access Timeline

Summer/Fall 2017 Enrollment Access 

Access MyCentral (Student Portal)

Enrollment Deadlines

Enrolling in your courses is one of the most important things you will do each semester.  Each student is assigned a particular Enrollment Access Date (based on hours earned, not including hours in progress).  Students are strongly encouraged to complete their enrollment on this date.  You may access MyCentral beginning at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on your enrollment access date.  Each day approximately 750 new students have access to enroll – waiting a few hours could make a big difference in your schedule.

The chart below applies to currently enrolled UCM students*.




Hours Earned

(On your unofficial transcript)

Starting Date

Honors College Students
Monday, March 27
Students in Online Degree Programs (Program must be fully online - contact Extended Studies at 660-543-4984 for more information)
Monday, March 27
Graduate Students
Monday, March 27
MIC Students
Monday, March 27

Students Registered With Accessibility Services

Tuesday, March 28
Student Athletes
Tuesday, March 28

All eligible regular, full time staff (does not include student workers)

Tuesday, March 28
Qualified ROTC/AFROTC, eligible military and their dependents, and Veterans
Tuesday, March 28
Undergraduate students with 134+ earned hours
Tuesday, March 28
TRIO Students
Wednesday, March 29
Undergraduate students with 115 - 133 earned hours
Wednesday, March 29
Undergraduate students with 105 - 114 earned hours
Thursday, March 30
Undergraduate students with 98 - 104 earned hours
Monday, April 3
Undergraduate students with 90 - 97 earned hours
Tuesday, April 4
Undergraduate students with 80 - 89 earned hours
Wednesday, April 5
Undergraduate students with 70 - 79 earned hours
Thursday, April 6
Undergraduate students with 60 - 69 earned hours
Monday, April 10
Undergraduate students with 50 - 59 earned hours
Tuesday, April 11
Undergraduate students with 40 - 49 earned hours
Wednesday, April 12
Undergraduate students with 30 - 39 earned hours
Thursday, April 13
Undergraduate students with 20 - 29 earned hours
Monday, April 17
Undergraduate students with 10 - 19 earned hours
Tuesday, April 18
Undergraduate students with 1 - 9 earned hours
Wednesday, April 19
Undergraduate students with 0 earned hours
Thursday, April 20


Hours Earned: Total number of hours earned at the beginning of the current semester, including both UCM and accepted transfer hours. Hours earned does not include in progress (IP) classes. Hours earned can be found on the unofficial transcript available in MyCentral.

Starting Date: First date that current UCM students have access to enrollment. On your enrollment date, you may begin enrolling at 12:00 a.m (midnight). After that, the system is available 24/7 except when under system maintenance. Regular maintenance times are typically early Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.


*New UCM students (freshmen and transfers) will be enrolled in their first-semester courses by their academic advisor.

New Freshmen: All new freshmen have a “New Student Hold” which prevents self-enrollment in classes. New freshmen are required to attend a summer freshman orientation day. During this orientation, the student will receive their schedule and the “New Student Hold” will be lifted.

New Transfer Students: New transfer students must be sure they are fully admitted prior to enrollment. Once admitted, new transfer students will meet with advisors in their college to make their schedules. The individual orientation visit can be scheduled by contacting the Campus Visit Office 660-543-8569 in the Office of Admissions.