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Unfinished Work

An instructor may report a semester grade of U when, for justifiable reasons, the student has not completed the work of the course.  This is appropriate when a student must miss the very end of a course (the final exam or last paper).

The student has the next semester* (Fall, Spring or Summer) to finish the work for the course, but does not actually enroll in the course again.  If the work remains unfinished at the end of the semester, the U becomes an F (unless the course is of an individualized nature, e.g., thesis, research report, or similar investigation). If a student does re-enroll in the course, they will be charged again for the course and a grade of F will replace the U grade originally issued. The grade earned from the second enrollment will count in the GPA and the F grade will be forgiven.

A student having more than one U grade is expected to reduce his/her course load accordingly in order to complete the unfinished work.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her instructor concerning the removal of the U grade. Students may not graduate with a U on his/her record.

Students requiring more than one semester to complete the unfinished work may request an extension of the U grade through the instructor.

* Please note, if the course with the “U” grade is required for graduation for the prior semester, the student does not have the entire following semester to complete the course.  To qualify for graduation, the work must be completed and a new grade posted by January 15th (or the next earliest business day) for fall graduation, the last working day of May for spring graduation, or the last working day of August for summer graduation.  Any “U” grades completed after these dates will move the student to a later graduation.  Students who are completing “U” grades and are waiting on graduation confirmation must contact the Registrar’s Office to make sure that the final grade has been received in time for graduation.  If a final grade has not been received in time, but is submitted after the above deadlines, the student must contact the Registrar’s Office to be considered for a future graduation date.