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The Fighting Mules Scholarship offers up to $1,500 for incoming freshmen.

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Commander's Corner

Welcome to the Fighting Mules Battalion!

I appreciate your interest in ROTC and encourage you to take some time to visit our website.  As you do so, you’ll see the many opportunities available through ROTC here at the University of Central Missouri.  Whether you are seeking to serve our country as an Army Officer, or merely want an understanding of what the Army is all about, we have programs and courses to meet your needs. Additionally, cadets in our program participate in a number of extracurricular activities.  You’ll see our cadets presenting the colors, firing the cannon, and doing push-ups at the Mules football games.  You’ll see us rappelling off the Humphreys Building.  Some of you may have gone through our team-building activities at Girl’s State or some of the campus retreats. We are very much a part of the campus experience.

Our Freshman and Sophomore level courses are available to anyone who is interested, and any Central student may enroll in them without meeting any military prerequisites or incurring any obligations.  This is an excellent way to learn more about the Army, gain some leadership training, and/or decide if the Army might be a career that you would like to pursue.  

ROTC produces approximately 2/3rds of the officers in today’s Army.  For those seeking to be officers in the Army, we have 4, 3, and 2 year programs that will get you there.  Scholarships and other benefits are available to those who choose to take this path.  Our graduates serve in the Active Army, United States Army Reserve, and the National Guard.  In fact, the Guard and Reserves offer some very attractive benefits through the Simultaneous Membership Program.  

For those interested in any of these programs, or anything else you see on this website, feel free to contact Mr. John Wolfmeyer, Humphreys 100, at 660-543-4863 or email

LTC Dan Cureton
Professor, Military Science & Leadership
Humphreys 101, UCM
Phone: 660-543-4867
Fax: 660-5434869