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Please realize that it should cost you nothing (except for your time and perhaps some postage), to apply for all the financial assistance you may need to help you pay the educational and living expenses you'll incur to attend the University of Central Missouri.

Be very cautious about contracting the services (fees can be from $50 to as high as $2500) of a consultant, financial advisor, or any other company or agency 'promising' to help you identify and apply for federal/state financial assistance and scholarship aid. The same information you may obtain from such sources is available free of charge from:

  1. your high school guidance counselor (this person is usually your best contact),

  2. the UCM Office of Student Financial Services or the aid office at any other college or university you may be attending or considering, and

  3. selected 'free-of-charge' websites, such as fastweb and collegeanswer.

Be suspicious of any person, organization or website claiming to guarantee you a certain amount of financial aid or to make you more eligible. Typical claims include 'promises' to obtain your 'share' of the millions of dollars of scholarships that (supposedly) go unclaimed every year, as well as testimonials from 'satisfied' customers. Be careful! Legitimate financial planners do not make these kinds of promises.

Are you wondering whether or not an individual, company, mailing, or website may be a scam? Check with your local Better Business Bureau or the UCM Office of Student Financial Services. If you believe you've been defrauded, you may also file an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.