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Grants are a form of gift assistance that help you pay the educational and living expenses you'll incur to pursue a first bachelors degree. You normally never have to repay or work for grants, most of which are awarded based on your financial need level (as determined by the data from your FAFSA).

Federal Grants

Pell Grant
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant

Missouri Grants

The state of Missouri administers several programs to assist eligible Missouri residents with the educational and living expenses they'll incur to pursue a first bachelors degree at UCM. To be considered for any of the following state programs, be sure to submit your FAFSA before the April 1 Missouri application deadline each year. Detailed information about the following (and other) Missouri financial aid programs may be found by clicking here.

If you're a resident of a state other than Missouri, you're encouraged to contact the agency responsible in your state for administering your state's grant and scholarship programs.

Access Missouri Grant

This need-based grant is awarded to full-time undergraduate students with medium to high levels of financial need, as calculated from the data provided on the FAFSA. Details about this program may be found by clicking here. For consideration, the FAFSA application deadline is April 1st.

Gear Up

The Federal Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs grant program is designed to increase the number of students who are prepared to enter and succeed in a college or university after graduating from high school. In additional to the Gear Up grants that provide services at selected middle and high schools, funds are also used to provide college and university scholarships to low-income students. Click here for additional information.

Marguerite Ross Barnett Memorial Scholarship Program

This program provides need-based scholarship aid to undergraduate students employed at least 20 hours per week and who enroll less than full-time (11 or fewer undergraduate credit hours per semester). Click here for additional information.