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Emergency Short-Term Loans

The UCM Emergency Short-Term Loan program assists students who need immediate financial help for non-UCM expenses such as rent, food, car repairs, etc. An otherwise eligible student is normally permitted to borrow up to $1000 in Short-Term Loan funds for a specific semester.

To qualify to receive a UCM Emergency Short-Term Loan, you must be:

In addition, you must have forthcoming financial aid with which the loan can be repaid. A loan cannot be approved against employment or other outside sources of assistance.

If you are approved to receive an Emergency Short-Term Loan, you will be required to participate in on-line Financial Awareness Counseling through the U.S. Department of Education's Student Loans website ( before your loan check can be released to you. (This counseling is separate from the Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling you may have completed.)

To apply for a Short-Term Loan, complete and submit to the Office of Student Financial Services the Emergency Short-Term Loan Application and documentation for the reason you need the Emergency Short-Term Loan (i.e. copies of past due bills, written estimate for car repair, etc.). Be sure to carefully read the information and policies. It can take several days from the date you apply for an Emergency Short-Term Loan for you to actually receive your loan check.

Watch your active messages on MyCentral to see if you have been approved or not and when your check will be available for you to pick up from the Office of Student Financial Services, Ward Edwards 1100. Remember to bring your photo ID and a copy of the completed Financial Awareness Counseling page with you.