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Submitting Scholarship Checks to UCM

If you are the recipient of a scholarship sponsored by a civic organization, employer, church, etc., please instruct the sponsor to make the scholarship check payable to University of Central Missouri and forward it to:

University of Central Missouri
Attn: Scholarships
Office of Student Financial Services
Ward Edwards Building 1100
Warrensburg MO 64093

If the sponsor provides you with the scholarship check:

  1. endorse the check if it is made payable to you
  2. attach the check to photocopies of all supporting documents or award letters
  3. bring the check and all photocopies to Freshman Orientation and Enrollment or mail/deliver them to UCM's Scholarships and Awards Officer at the address listed above.

Caution: If the scholarship check is made payable only to you, we suggest you deliver the check to the Office of Student Financial Services and endorse it immediately before you hand it to the cashier.

When we receive your scholarship check, we will credit your UCM student account. The amount of the scholarship check will be divided evenly between the Fall and Spring semesters unless otherwise instructed in writing by the scholarship sponsor.

If the scholarship sponsor requests verification of your enrollment at UCM, either:

  1. provide the scholarship sponsor with a copy of your class schedule which you can print from MyCentral at after you attend Freshman Orientation and Enrollment - or
  2. if the sponsor can not accept a copy of your class schedule, you can request an enrollment verification certificate by calling the UCM Office of the Registrar at 660-543-4900 option 3 (not option 2) after you attend Freshman Orientation and Enrollment.

Questions About Non-UCM Scholarships? Contact us in person or by mail (1100 Ward Edwards Bldg., Warrensburg, MO 64093), by telephone (660-543-4541), or by email (