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Return of Title IV Aid Policy

Federal Public Law #105-244 states that if a federal financial aid recipient withdraws from all classes prior to reaching the 60% point of the semester, some (or even all) of the federal (Title IV) grant and loan assistance credited to the student’s UCM account must be reversed from the student's UCM account and returned to the U.S. Department of Education. The amount reversed is based on official date of withdrawal or the student’s last date of class attendance/participation (as reported by the student's instructors), whichever is earlier.

According to the exact number of calendar days that elapse from the first day of classes until the day you withdraw or your last day of class attendance/participation, (whichever is earlier), you’re considered to have 'earned' a portion of the total federal grant and loan aid that was credited to your UCM account for the semester. The unearned portion of this assistance is the amount that must be reversed.

The UCM Office of Student Financial Services will advise you by mail of the amount reversed, which will normally result in a balance due UCM. You’ll then have 30 days to either remit the full amount or make satisfactory arrangements for repayment. Failure to satisfy the amount owed in a timely manner will result in a financial hold being placed against your UCM records.

Please be aware that calculation of the unearned portion of your federal financial aid is a completely separate process from any refund of tuition, housing, or meal plan charges provided for by the University of Central Missouri policies published in the UCM catalogs.

Important! Please realize that you're not eligible to receive any financial aid at all, if you:

  1. withdraw during the first six days of classes for a semester (the 100% tuition and fee refund period), or

  2. have no record of class attendance or participation at all for a semester, or

  3. are approved for a 100% reversal of your tuition and fee charges after the beginning of a semester.

In these instances, all grant, loan, and scholarship assistance that was credited to your UCM account for the semester will be reversed and returned to the U.S. Department of Education, and the resulting balance due UCM must be repaid.

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