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Withdrawing From A Class

If you stop attending one or more of your classes after the 5th day of the semester, and officially cancel the class from your schedule, you’re considered to have withdrawn from the class. A refund of tuition/fees will be processed for you in accordance with the date you withdrew from the class and UCM’s tuition/fee refund policy. The class will remain on your schedule for the semester with a grade of W, WP, or WF.

If withdrawing from one or more classes results in you being enrolled less than full-time, adjustments normally will not have to be made to any financial assistance that has already credited to your UCM account. However, any types of assistance that require full-time enrollment, but have not yet been credited to your UCM account, will be canceled.

If your enrollment status changes to less than half-time, you'll forfeit any undisbursed Stafford (student) Loan or PLUS (parent) Loan payments, in addition to the adjustments described above. The Federal Direct Loan Servicing Center will automatically be notified that you're enrolled at UCM  less than half-time, which can impact your federal loan repayment 'grace' period.

Please also be advised that if you stop attending (or otherwise participating in) one or more of the class(es) for which you've enrolled, you're defined as having withdrawn from the classes(es) as of the date you stop attending/participating (for purposes of determining if financial aid adjustments are required). Be sure to officially withdraw from any class you elect to stop pursuing. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for payment of a higher-than-necessary amount of tuition/fees and may receive a grade(s) of F.

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