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Green Resident
UCM Recycling 101

Sustainability: Recycling

What started from an ad-hoc program became a comprehensive university-wide recycling program.


Since May of 2009, UCM has:

-Diverted 1244.5 tons (almost 2.5 million pounds) of waste from landfills

- Repurposed 5,683 pieces of residence hall furniture

-Saved $24,159.60 from our yearly waste contract.


What We Recycle:

    •   Any plastics numbers 1-7 may be recycled in the indoor and outdoor receptacles.

    •   All aluminum and tin cans may be recycled in the indoor and outdoor receptacles.

    •   All paper, mixed paper, newspaper, office paper, colored paper, and cardboard can be recycled in the outdoor receptacles.

    •   Glass can only be dropped off and recycled at the downtown location and at The Sheltered Workshop.


Where to Recycle:

  On Campus:

  • Labeled recycling units are located throughout the campus grounds.


  • Labeled recycling units are located in campus buildings and university offices.


Off Campus:

  • Apartment complex or house with two or less resident units, who use  Heartland Waste as their waste hauler, and live in Warrensburg city limits, get FREE curbside recycling pickup. Call Heartland Waste (660-429-1040) to set up the details. 


  • Apartments with three or more resident units, can still recycling at home or drop off your recycling at the Sheltered Workshop as well as on campus in the large dumpsters behind the buildings.


  • Warrensburg downtown also provide recycling for community members along Pine St and Holden. All city municipal buildings have recycling units.


  • Ripple Recycling is located downtown in the alley between W. Culton Street and Pine Street and takes brown, green, blue and clear glass only.


Snag a magnet (pictured below) with Warrensburg recycling information at any Office of Sustainability sponsored event!