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Program Benefits

For more than 50 years, The Honors College has been dedicated to serving high-achieving and academically focused students at UCM. With a focus on student engagement and success, The Honors College offers a wide variety of unique advantages and opportunities for high-ability students to take learning to a greater degree, including:

  • High-impact learning environments
    In honors-designated general education courses and honors-only colloquia limited to 25 students and taught by some of UCM’s most accomplished faculty, Honors College students have the opportunity to engage course material, one another, and their professors in dialog and discussion driven learning contexts that are both innovative and challenging.
  • A vibrant living and learning community
    Honors College students have the unique opportunity to reside in Houts: Honors College Hall, where they live, learn, and become part of a close-knit community of outstanding students and engaged citizens. Residents of Houts: Honors College Hall cultivate relationships that enhance and support their educational experiences and provide the foundation for life-long ties.
  • Funding and advisement for research and creative work from the Coordinator of Undergraduate Research & External Scholarships
    Honors College students have access to dedicated funding for research and/or creative activities undertaken in conjunction with their honors projects. Additionally, students are encouraged to attend the “Developing an Honors Project” session each fall and spring semester, and are often invited to apply for prestigious external scholarships such as Truman & Fulbright.
  • Funding and advisement for study abroad travel
    Honors College students are eligible to apply for support to help offset the costs of travel to participate in university-approved study abroad programs.
  • Advisement from the Dean of The Honors College
    In addition to various advisors housed in their academic college or degree program, Honors College students enjoy unparalleled access to the Dean of The Honors College, who provides a range of advising services, from assistance with input on possible majors and minors, semester course selections, 4-year planning, study abroad, and post-graduate opportunities, such as graduate school, law school, professional studies, and career advisement.
  • Early enrollment privileges
    As a reflection of the university’s commitment to academic achievement, all Honors College students have the distinct privilege of being the first to enroll in courses for the upcoming semester. Such a privilege is often crucial to ensuring students complete their academic coursework in a timely manner and with their optimal scheduling preferences.
  • Peer-mentoring
    As part of their first-year experience, all incoming first year Honors College students are paired with a more seasoned Honors College student who provides an insider’s view on academic and social life in The Honors College at UCM. In this way new and returning students engage one another in ways that build on and expand The Honors College community.
  • Honors College Student Association (HCSA)
    All Honors College students are members of The Honors College Student Association (HCSA). HCSA is all about student engagement and serves important functions as the voice, advocate, and networking vehicle for students in The Honors College. HCSA is governed by an annually elected executive board of Honors College students that, under the supervision of the Dean of The Honors College, seeks to connect Honors College students to one another, as well as the UCM and Warrensburg communities, through a wide variety of educational, professional, and social events and activities throughout the academic year.