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Study Abroad

Each year a growing number of Honors College students study abroad, taking classes and often pursuing research and creative projects in their areas of academic interest and expertise in Europe, Asia, Central America, Australia and Africa.

Though Honors College students who study abroad have a wide variety of interests and goals, they all share a certain openness to different cultures. They are also keenly aware that the contemporary world is an increasingly interdependent, even global, one, in which knowledge, information, human capital and goods move rapidly across borders and oceans. Study abroad helps prepare UCM’s top academic students for professional success and personal responsibility in our age of globalization.

The Honors College is deeply committed to fostering and enhancing study abroad opportunities for its outstanding students. While no member of The Honors College is required to study abroad, all are strongly encouraged to consider studying abroad as an integral part of their Honors College experience, and to apply for The Honors College Study Abroad Travel Grant. Students considering applying for The Honors College Study Abroad Travel Grant must first meet with the Dean of The Honors College to discuss their plans and complete and submit this form for approval prior to their travel. Only one travel grant per student is allowed.

Additionally, The Honors College works closely with UCM’s Center for Global Education to maintain and expand dedicated study abroad opportunities appropriate for top academic students. Along with The Honors College Study Abroad Travel Grant, several different types of scholarships for study abroad are available through the Center for Global Education.

In the past several years, students in The Honors College have studied literature at the University of Bremen (Germany), philosophy at Roosevelt Academy (the Netherlands), business at the University of South Australia, and art, design, and photography at Accademia Europea di Firenze University in Florence (Italy), among many others. As Honors College students abroad, they typically take a range of courses that count toward their UCM degree, immerse themselves in the daily life of another culture, and make connections and friendships that last a life time.

Of course not all Honors College students who pursue their studies abroad do so for an entire semester. Shorter study abroad options, including summer courses and study tours, are available to those students for whom such options are preferable.

So, whatever your interests, explore the many options for studying abroad that UCM offers top academic students. Think of study abroad not merely as something additional, but as an essential part of your Honors College education.

To learn more about studying abroad, please review the information available through the Center for Global Education and make an appointment to speak with Dr. Lewandowski, Dean of The Honors College and International Affairs.