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Undergraduate Minor

Child and Family Development


The mission of Central’s Child and Family Development program is to prepare highly qualified graduates to work effectively with individuals and families in our diverse and multi-faceted society, which in turn, improves the quality of life for individuals and families. The mission will be accomplished through comprehensive curriculum rooted in sound theoretical framework, contemporary research, strong support, valuable guidance, and leadership opportunities.

The Child and Family Development curriculum is primarily guided by the National Council of Family Relations Core Competencies. This 21 credit hour concentration in Child and Family Development will focus on developmental principles and work with children and families. It will compliment numerous major degree programs.

Due to the changes and diversities among modern families, there is an increasing demand for Child and Family Development Professionals. Opportunities at the state/federal level are anticipated due to the massive retirement of the baby boomer generation. In addition, many Child and Family Development graduates apply and are accepted to graduate schools in related fields such as Marriage and Family Therapy, School Counseling, Family Law, Special Education, Elementary/Early Childhood Education, Counseling, and Human Development and Family Sciences.

Required Courses

Core Courses (9 credit hours)

CFD 1010 Individual & Family Relations 3
CFD 1220 Child Development 3
CFD 3230 Family Sys. & Lifespan Develop. 3

Choose from the following electives (6 credit hours)
CFD 3260 Youth Culture & Development 3
CFD 4250 Selected Issues in CFD 3
CFD 4520 Multicultural Student & Approaches with Families 3
CFD 4530 Transition to Marriage 3
CFD 4540 Addiction and the Family 3
CFD 4550 Health and Human Services 3
CFD 4560 Divorce 3
CFD 4570 Death, Loss, & Grief Across the Lifespan 3
CFD 4580 Resilience in Children & Adolescents 3
CFD 4590 Health Issues Childhood & Adolescence 3

CFD Electives (6 credit hours)

Total: 21 credit hours

Questions About the Program

Dr. Jaimee Hartenstein
Program Coordinator
LOV 4200D


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