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QM Certified Courses at UCM

QM certification is valid for up to 5 years. UCM courses that are recognized by QM but are outside the 5 year certification window can be found here.

Course Number

Course Name

Course Representative Course Review Date
CFD 1010 Individual and Family Relations Joyce Chang 11/9/2012
CJ 5600 Individual Research in Criminal Justice Lynn Urban 04/03/2013
CTE 3060 Technical Writing Kathy Tally 06/19/2012
ECEL 2830 Early Childhood Principles Richard McElroy 02/29/2012
EDFL 2240 Educational Psychology Alexander Pagnani 09/28/2012
EDFL 5200 Advanced Educational Psychology Alexander Pagnani 02/18/2013
EDFL 5320 Curriculum Development & Assessment Yuankun Yao 06/12/2014
FCSE 3120 Family Resource Management Krystle Gremaud 05/12/2017
FIN 3850 Principles of Finance Arthur Young 03/08/2012
IGEN 3116 Creative Problem Solving Rochelle Madden 04/02/2012
IGEN 3116 Creative Problem Solving Kelly Edmondson 10/31/2013
INST 5100 Foundations of Educational Technology Odin Jurkowski 07/10/2013
INST 5220 Communication in Online Communities Kathryn McCormick 03/24/2015
LIS 1600 University Library and Research Skills Sandra Jenkins 06/26/2017
LIS 5240 Library Media Administration Rene Burress 04/07/2015
LIS 5260 Library Systems & Information Technology Rene Burress 05/02/2014
LIS 5322 Reference Sources & Services Jennifer Robins 02/29/2012
NUR 4010 RN-BS Health and Physical Assessment Martha Sanderford-Smith 11/14/2016
NUR 4012 Research in Nursing/Evidence-Based Practice Barbara Baker 03/06/2012
NUR 4050 Professional Nursing Dimensions & Perspectives Barbara Baker 11/07/2013
NUR 4052 Concepts of Wellness Barbara Baker 08/09/2012
NUR 4406 RN-BS Concepts of Community Health Nursing Mallory Bejster 08/23/2016
NUR 4407 RN-BS Concepts of Community Health Nursing Practicum Mallory Bejster 08/24/2016
NUR 4608 Concepts of Nursing Leadership in Management Barbara Baker 05/01/2013



RN-BS Concepts of Nursing Leadership in Management Practicum Andrea Fedko 12/18/2017

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