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Undergraduate Minor

Instructional Technology



The graduate will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:
• Demonstrate the use of various forms of technology integration in the classroom environment including word-processing, databases, spreadsheets, educational applications, presentation programs and the Internet.
• Demonstrate the ability to teach with and about technology.
• Apply appropriate theories and reflective models in instructional technology settings.
• Exhibit professionalism and ethical behavior.
• Provide leadership in the field of instructional technology.
• Actively participate in the educational process by applying cutting-edge technologies that infuse the most current and effective strategies into the learning process.
• Develop capabilities for applying technologies as a tool in the learning environments and designing materials for the classroom.


Program Requirements


Core Requirements (21 credit hours)

CTE 2000 Technology and Society 3
INST 4100 Integrating Technology into Teaching 3
INST 4110 Google Educator Prep 3
INST 4120 Goggle Education Trainer Prep 2
INST 4300 Principles of Online Instruction 3
INST 4310 Fund Development for Edu. Tech. 1
INST 4330 Tech. Troubleshooting for Educators 2
INST 4400 Design and Prod. of Media for Inst. 3
INST 4920 Practicum in Instructional Tech. 1


Questions About the Program


Dr. Shantia Kerr Sims

Program Coordinator


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