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Cooperative Doctoral Degree

A consortium educational program allows you to use the best features of multiple educational institutions. UCM's partnership with Indiana State University provides each student a unique philosophical quality and extensive library research, adding depth and quality to your educational experience.

Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management
This online program is designed to prepare you for positions of leadership in the public and private sectors. Upon graduation, you will have developed skills in research procedures, acquired expertise in instructional processes and will be able to provide service to the industrial and educational community.

The program offers five areas of specialization:

Construction Management - Coursework is directed toward applied research, the advancement of the construction organization and professional management leading to the effective and efficient control of the construction process.

Digital Communications - The need for faster and more efficient transmission, reception, storage and retrieval of information in society has caused digital communications to be one of the fastest growing fields in technology. The purpose of advanced studies in this area is to increase the knowledge about design and implementation of systems to communicate in a cost-effective manner.

Human Resource Development and Training - The HRD and IT program was developed to integrate the use of training and development, organizational development and career development to improve individuals, group and organizational effectiveness. HRD and IT relies on multiple subject disciplines and draws on theories and insights from education, management, industrial and individual psychology, communication, counseling, economics, sociology, and other areas of research.

Manufacturing Systems - While traditional manufacturing programs have focused on manufacturing technologies, the manufacturing systems specialty concentrates on all of the activities and practices used to integrate an enterprise's production. Some course concentrations are operation, and control processes and product profitability through replication.

Quality Systems - The QS program is dedicated to providing people with corporate leadership abilities and faculty for the profession. The primary QSS focus provides graduates the ability to manage complex organizations to meet the requirements of customer satisfaction in public and private sectors.

Learn More Online  - For more information about the program, please visit the Indiana State University website, review the Getting Started Guide, and the SOT Graduate Handbook .   

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