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Undergraduate Minor



The Department of Psychological Science offers a minor in Psychology for students who wish to gain a basic understanding and appreciation of human behavior. Students in a wide variety of majors can benefit from increasing their knowledge of psychological principles which they can apply in nearly every setting. The minor is flexible and an excellent way to incorporate psychology-related knowledge into another major as students are allowed to select courses that “fit” with specific majors.

Program Requirements

Obtain your minor totally online by selecting 18 hours in addition to General Psychology, for a total of 21 hours:

PSY 1110 General Psychology 3
PSY 1320 Psychology of Personal Adj. 3
PSY 2130 Learning 3
PSY 2220 Child Psychology 3
PSY 3220 Life-Span Development 3
PSY 3340 Social Psychology 3
PSY 4000 Special Projects in Psychology 1-3
PSY 4150 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY 4180 Seminar 1-3
PSY 4200 Psychology of Except. Child 2
PSY 4230 Psychology of Adolescence 3
PSY 4240 Psychology of Aging 3
PSY 4310 Theories of Personality 3
PSY 4330 Multicultural Psychology 3
PSY 4440 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 4520 Stats. for the Behavioral Science 3
PSY 4600 Industrial Psychology 3

Questions About the Program

David Kreiner, Ph.D., Chair
Department of Psychological Science


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