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Certificate Program

Women, Gender, and Sexuality


The certificate is a stand-alone credential in Women’s and Gender Studies or it can be combined with graduate degrees including history, English, sociology, business, psychology, political science, criminal justice, the physical sciences, geography, library science, international studies, anthropology, education, communication, and area studies. The certificate enhances the skills and knowledge base for those seeking employment or promotion in applied work settings that deal with women, men, children or families. The Women’s and Gender program is committed to one-on-one mentoring but all courses needed to obtain the Certificate are fully available online.

Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

Students must apply to UCM through the School of Graduate Studies. To be accepted into the program, students should have completed an undergraduate degree (in any area of study) with a minimum overall GPA of 2.75.

Requirements for the Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality

The Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality requires successful completion of 12 credit hours, as described below. Each student will complete a Program of Study to be approved by the Women’s and Gender Studies Director, that include six hours of required courses and 6 credit hours of elective courses. In addition, a final project that includes an annotated bibliography as a component is required.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (6 credit hours)

WS 5225 Feminist Scholarship in the Humanities 3*
WS 5250 Feminist Scholarship in Social Sciences 3*
WS 5450 Colloquium Women’s/Gender Studies 3*

Electives (6 credit hours)
CJ 4403 Sexual Assault & the Criminal Justice Sys 3
CJ 4920 Women & Crime 3
COMM 4285 Women & Minorities in the Media 3
COMM 4335 Gender Communication 3
ENGL 4560 British Women Writers 3
HIST 4310 Women in America 3
HIST 4327 African American Women,
Gender & Girlhood 3*
HIST 4419 Women in Modern Europe 3
NUR 4030 Human Sexuality 2
PSY 4320 Psychology of Women 2
SOC 4855 Sociology of Gender 3
SOC 5870 Family Diversity 3
SOC 5890 Gender, Sexuality & Aging 3
WS 4910 Special Projects in Women’s Studies 3*

* Available Online

Total: 12 credit hours

Questions About the Program

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