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University Health Center

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Healthy Tips

In an effort to provide helpful little tips & tidbits which promote and encourage the formation of healthy habits, the Mo playing with frisbeeUniversity Health Center provides 'a tip a day' aimed at helping you make small changes that will impact and improve your overall health and quality of life.

This site serves as an archive for all of the 'tip a day' posts.


Dec. 1 - Perform bicep curls and tricep extensions during free time in office or at home with a small free weight (canned or bottled goods work fine)
Dec. 2 - Use proper hand hyegine, wash up or use hand sanitizer often
Dec. 3 - Visit the Health Center's National Hand Washing Day booth in the Union

Nov. 1- Pack your lunch
Nov. 2- Leisurely walk with friend or significant other after work
Nov. 3- Drink water throughout the day
Nov. 4- Perform abdominal crunches, make sure you use proper technique
Nov. 5- Pack a salad for lunch
Nov. 8 - Eat whole wheat breads/pasta in place of white/processed
Nov. 9 - Find ways to incorporate more walking into daily work routines
Nov. 10 - Eat cereal and fruit with skim milk for lunch
Nov. 11 - Play a mentally and actively challenging game with a friend or significant other
Nov. 12 - Drink skim milk with meals throughout the day
Nov. 18 - Visit the Great American Smoke-Out booth from 8-11:00 a.m. in the Union across from Jazzman's
Nov. 19 - Eat a fresh fruit salad for desert
Nov. 27 - Eat a wrap for lunch with lots of vegetables incorporated
Nov. 29 - Perform abdominal crunches and bicycles
Nov. 30 - Eat citrus fruits throughout the day (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime)


Oct. 25- Park further away
Oct. 26- Eat fruit in place of dessert
Oct. 27- Get fresh air, take a walk during lunch
Oc.t 28- Drink juice or water in place of soda
Oct. 29- Take stairs instead of the elevator




--Additional Information on Tips

Ab Crunches- Lay down with back flat against the ground and feet flexed 90 degrees (may have the feet held down under something firm) and place arms across chest; before performing the movement upward, breath in; exhale as performing the upward movement while keeping the back straight.
*as a general rule, inhale when relaxed and exhale when performing the contraction/hardest phase of movement.