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Missouri Reverse Transfer at University of Central Missouri

What is Missouri Reverse Transfer?

The process of allowing college students or former college students who have completed credits for an associate’s degree to receive that degree even if they have transferred to a different college or university, or stopped out of higher education altogether. Missouri has moved forward with a statewide policy to help more Missourians earn degrees. Find more detailed information on Missouri Reverse Transfer (MRT) at the Missouri Department of Higher Education website. Missouri Reverse Transfer is designed to be as seamless and effortless for students. In this spirit, the following benefits are provided to students who opt in:

What are the benefits?

Are you eligible?

You must have earned a minimum of 15 credit hours at a single Missouri two-year institution to be eligible for a reverse transfer degree. Students are not eligible for the program if they currently possess an associate degree or higher.

Do you have questions? 

Contact the Office of Admissions at or 660-543-4290 or check out the MRT Frequently Asked Questions.

What do you need to do to participate in Reverse Transfer?

You will need to give us permission to share your transcripts with your two-year college. This is referred to as "Opting In". Watch for your invitation in the mail!


Frequently Asked Questions

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