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Virtual Orientation Program

New Adult and Transfer
Virtual Orientation Program

The New and Transfer Student VOP is designed to familiarize you with services and resources at University of Central Missouri and to facilitate your academic success. At the successful conclusion of the VOP, you will learn more about registering for summer/fall classes.

By participating in the VOP, you have the following advantages:

  • A familiarity with UCM support services before you arrive on campus
  • The ability to complete required forms and other university related business well before enrolling
  • Less stress associated with enrollment

Before you start this orientation, you must:

Apply for admission

Your computer needs:

After the downloads have been completed, read the rest of this page and launch the orientation by clicking the button below.

When you sign into the orientation, please spend a few minutes with the tutorial page. Get acquainted with the functions of the software before you begin the actual orientation.

The VOP has seven sections and most sections have multiple pages. We will also ask you to follow links to important web sites and to view and print important documents. After the last section, you will take a brief quiz, required to show that you have understood the information. Click on the red "X" on the lower right side of the screen to begin the quiz. A score of seven correct answers out of ten is required to pass the quiz.

When you've successfully completed the orientation and quiz, you will be provided with information on selecting your summer/fall schedule of classes. The VOP will continue to be available for future reference so feel free to come back.

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