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Alyssa T.

Acceptance into my current graduate program was due to my experience with undergraduate research.
Alyssa T., 2015

Nick B.

I collaborated with professionals nationally and gave regional presentations.
Nick B., 2015

Shawn C.

It gave me the skills and knowledge I need to become an ecological scholar and scientist.
Shawn C., 2015

What are Undergraduate Student Research/Creative Projects?

Undergraduate Research at UCM gives students the opportunity to pursue advanced work in their major field of interest. Students who participate in Undergraduate Research receive monetary aid to develop or finish a research/creative project. For example, a student may produce a work or art, do a field study, conduct an experiment or survey, design a product, or create compositions. Opportunities vary across disciplines, and, in some cases, students may even receive course credit for their involvement. Students will work under the supervision of a faculty sponsor in an area of mutual interest, and some faculty will expect you to take courses that prepare you for the experience.

Undergraduate Research plays a vital role in preparing students for professional and graduate school. It promotes post-graduate study by encouraging sustained scholarship and the attainment of higher-level knowledge and skills. Undergraduate Research also prepares students for specialized employment through experience in an area of expertise. Throughout the years, UCM students have benefited greatly from involvement in research/creative activities. For a listing of funded research/creative projects, see Representative Projects Funded.