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Alyssa T.

Acceptance into my current graduate program was due to my experience with undergraduate research.
Alyssa T.

Nick B.

I collaborated with professionals nationally and gave regional presentations.
Nick B.

Shawn C.

It gave me the skills and knowledge I need to become an ecological scholar and scientist.
Shawn C.

Scholars Symposium and Creative Achievement Day

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2018 Scholars Symposium and Creative Achievement Day

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018
Elliott Student Union


The Office of Undergraduate Research and External Scholarships at the University of Central Missouri invites abstract submissions for the annual Scholars Symposium and Creative Achievement Day. The symposium is the university’s premiere event dedicated to showcasing achievements in undergraduate research and creative projects. All undergraduate UCM students are eligible to participate.


To promote engaged dialogue, the primary format of the event is roundtable presentations organized by discipline and moderated by UCM faculty. There will also be special sessions dedicated to the arts and humanities including, but not limited to, dance, theatre, fashion, and those presentations that utilize the common reader.  Student organizations, special topic courses, and other groups are encouraged to organize panels.


In addition, the most innovative abstract from each category will be selected for participation in the Provost's Panel. Students chosen for this recognition will present their work during a special session moderated by Provost Curtis. Selection to the Provost's Panel represents the highest honor available to undergraduate participants of the symposium.


Submit your abstract here.



2017 Scholars Symposium and Creative Achievement Day


On behalf of 2017 symposium judges, the Office of Undergraduate Research and External Scholarships would like to congratulate the following students:


Competition Winners


Category: Social and Behavioral Sciences

First Prize: Emily Johnson, "Effects of Classroom Materials on Toddler’s Play and Behavior”

Second Prize: Brooke Herrera, “Flipped or Flopped: Mindsets and Experiences of High School Students in a Flipped Geometry Classroom”

Third Prize: Zach Horton, “Testing Diet Indicates for Paranthropus boisei Using a Model Organism”


Category: Science and Technology

First Prize: Audrey Zoog, “Attempted Synthesis of a Tricyclic Azamacrocycle”

Second Prize: Saidee Hyder, “Comparing the Home Ranges of Male and Female Ornate Box Turtles (Terrapene ornata) and Three-Toed Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina triunguis) in Johnson County, Missouri”

Third Prize: Alexandra Rohder, “Cargo Volumetric Efficiency of Passenger Aircraft”


Category: Arts and Humanities

First Prize: Larissa Chaves, “Educational Tools for United States National Park Awareness”

Second Prize: Teresa Scarbrough, “Round Robin”

Third Prize: American Sign Language Class, “The Gingerbreadman in American Sign Language”





Special Congratulations to the 2017 Honorable Mentions


Category: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Madison Parkinson, Austin May, Carly Hall, Jamela Patterson, & LeNyia Talbert, “Fake News vs. Real News”


Category: Science and Technology

Tayia Gibson, “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Privatization”