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Alyssa T.

Acceptance into my current graduate program was due to my experience with undergraduate research.
Alyssa T., 2015

Nick B.

I collaborated with professionals nationally and gave regional presentations.
Nick B., 2015

Shawn C.

It gave me the skills and knowledge I need to become an ecological scholar and scientist.
Shawn C., 2015


Undergraduate Scholars Travel Grant

The Undergraduate Scholars Travel Grant is available to full-time UCM students in good academic standing. The purpose of this award is to support students whose research/creative work has been acknowledged as outstanding and accepted for presentation, exhibition, or performance at recognized conference and venue sites. Travel expenditures can include airfare, hotel costs, food, gas, and parking, among other things. Undergraduate Research offers travel grants to students whose projects demonstrate scholarly merit and contribute to educational enrichment.

All travel requests must be sponsored by a full-time teacher-scholar who is housed in one of the four academic colleges. While individual grant amounts may vary, a single travel grant typically does not exceed $400.00 for oral and poster presentations, performances, and exhibitions. Criteria for receiving funding include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) academic/creative quality of work (2) Type/level of participation at conference or event (3) relative need. Grant applicants may also receive partial funding. All decisions are contingent upon availability of funds. Applications are considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Students will be notified within 1-2 business weeks of submitting an application. Interested students are referred to the grant application for further details regarding the application process.