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Office of General Counsel
Administration 208
University of Central Missouri
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Warrensburg MO 64093
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Attendance Policy
Board of Governors Policy 1.1.030
Revised and approved by the Board of Governors on January 17, 2001

I. Purpose

The Board of Governors of the University of Central Missouri recognizes that it functions most effectively when all members are present at regularly scheduled meetings. This policy is intended to ensure regular attendance by all board members.

II. Policy

Governors shall attend all meetings of the Board of Governors. The president of the Board of Governors may excuse a board member from attendance. In addition, the president will inform the governor of the state of Missouri of any vacancy on the Board as required by Section 172.070(3) RSMo, within 30 days of such vacancy.

III. Procedures

Board members shall request an excused absence from the board president as soon as they become aware of an impending scheduling conflict. Attendance will be allowed by electronic real-time facilities such as interactive audio and video linkages, when feasible.

Approved by the Board of Governors on June 22, 1996
Revised and approved by the Board of Governors on January 17, 2001