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Staff Reduction in Force Policy
Board of Governors Policy 2.3.040
Approved by the Board of Governors on September 15, 2004

I. Purpose

The university historically has provided a high degree of job security for its employees; however, when budget conditions, reorganization, grant funding or the lack of work results in layoffs, furloughs or the abolishment of positions, provisions must exist for a method of reducing the work force and providing for transfer and/or recall.

II. Policy

When an employee is being terminated because of circumstances for which he or she is not responsible such as discontinuation of the job or reorganization, notice will be required. At the university’s option, such employee may receive severance pay in lieu of notice. For employees who have served the university for:

1 – 4 years
4 weeks notice
5 – 9 years
6 weeks notice
10 – 14 years
8 weeks notice
15 – 19 years
12 weeks notice
20 + years
16 weeks notice

It is the responsibility of the university’s administration to manage and direct the work force. The management and direction of the work force includes the right to plan, direct, and control operations; to choose the methods, processes, and materials to be employed; to direct, employ, transfer, demote, suspend, discipline, and/or discharge for just cause; to relieve employees from duties because of lack of work or other legitimate reasons; and to establish and maintain rules and regulations as the university may deem necessary and proper relating to the operation of the university.

III. Procedures

The president of the university is charged with developing procedures to implement this Staff Reduction in Force Policy. The president of the university will work with the university director of administration and the general counsel when developing these procedures which will include a first right of application process and the use of Career Services.

Approved by the Board of Governors on September 15, 2004
Formatting updated August 1, 2007