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Approval: Approved by the President on March 24, 2015.

Authority: Board of Governors Policy 2.1.090

Responsibility: Director of Human Resources


A. Personal leave is provided for personal reasons that would not fall under the sick-leave or vacation-leave policies.

B. Beginning July 1 of each fiscal year an employee may use one day (8 hours) of personal leave.

C. Personal leave must be requested in advance of the leave unless the absence is evaluated by the supervisor as being due to an emergency. Approval/disapproval by the supervisor is based on scheduling reasons and not on the reasons for the leave.

D. Personal leave does not constitute hours worked in calculating overtime pay for nonexempt employees.

E. Employees must report personal leave by using the approved university method. If an employee does not have personal leave available, absences shall be charged against earned vacation leave (if eligible for vacation), with prior supervisory approval. If no vacation leave is available then time shall be unpaid. Exempt empoyees must submit requests only in half- or whole-day increments. Nonexempt employee requests for leave must be in fifteen-minute increments.

F. Unused personal leave does not carry over from year to year.