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Broadcasting Services Staff

Broadcasting Services Staff

KMOS-TV is managed by a core staff which supervises students attending the university. These students work in all aspects of the stations, production, on-air operations and promotions, traffic, print promotion and outreach.

We take pride in the accomplishments of KMOS-TV alumni who are employed coast to coast, serving in various telecommunications industry functions. For over 35 years, KMOS-TV has served the training needs of many of UCM's students. Below is the current listing of staff members and the student employees who work in each area.

Dr. Phil Hoffman, Director
Karen O'Keefe, Office Professional
Anika Zaman, Budget Clerk

Membership and Underwriting
Louise Beasley, Underwriting Coordinator - Columbia

Mary Clevenger, Education Outreach Coordinator
Sandy Kelley, Community Outreach Coordinator

Program Services
Michael O'Keefe, Program Services Coordinator
Nellie deLaurier, Traffic Assistant

On-Air Operations
Josh Tomlinson, On-Air Operations Coordinator
Nellie deLaurier, Traffic Assistant

John Long, Chief Engineer
Kevin Newsome, Operations Engineer
Putt Swope, Operations Engineer

Dorothy McGrath, Manager of TV and Community Programs
Christy Millen, Producer/Writer
Roy Millen, Production Coordinator
Eric Boedeker, Multi-Media Producer
Josh Leonard, Multi-Media Producer