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Faculty Profile: Eric Honour Eric Honour

Teaching field

Doctor of Music, Northwestern University

Vast experiences
While at UCM, I’ve been continuing my work as a composer, audio engineer and performer. My compositions have been performed across the United States and Europe, with performances at many national and international festivals and conferences. My music has been published, recorded and performed by notable artists including Winston Choi, the Thelema Trio and Quartetto Musicattuale. My work as an audio engineer appears on the Everview, North Star Appli, Independence and Innova labels as well as on numerous independent releases. I’m a member of the Athens Saxophone Quartet, based in Athens, Greece, and a soloist specializing in performance of music for saxophone and electronics. In March and April 2009, I toured a program of music for saxophone and computer in Austria, Greece, Italy, England and many locations in the United States. 

Outstanding learning possibilities
I really enjoy the opportunity to introduce my students to cutting-edge music technology theory, practices and equipment. It’s even more gratifying to hear what they do with it. My absolute favorite part of my job is listening to student projects. I am frequently amazed at what my students are able to produce in our studios. The students create a challenging but positive environment for themselves, which leads to outstanding learning possibilities and a high degree of success post-graduation.

Bringing music to life
The most meaningful experience I’ve had at UCM was when the UCM Wind Ensemble and Concert Choir performed one of my compositions last year. Getting the chance to hear the work performed so well was fantastic, but even better was the chance to work with my colleagues, conductors Scott Lubaroff and Lisa Fredenburgh, and with their students, during the rehearsal process. It's a truly amazing experience to hear good performers bring the music you've composed to life, and it was wonderful for me to hear it done so well by members of my own community here at UCM.

Giving time and support
The most important lesson I've learned is that it's critical to give students a chance to succeed. Giving students the time and support they need to work through some things on their own is all it takes to allow them to blossom into outstanding audio producers and musicians. My role as a teacher is to provide the framework for their education and to nurture each student's entrepreneurial instincts with regard to music. I work to guide and shape their understanding of the art of music production, from composition to performance, and from recording to the finished product. It’s so satisfying to see my students go on to land prestigious internships and move into the music industry after graduation.